The Lab

Our laboratory is well equipped with facilities for the synthesis and characterisation of organic and supramolecular materials:

Besenius_Lab-Equipment_2016-07           Solid-phase peptide synthesizer (CS Bio CS136XT); Contact: Patrick Ahlers


Besenius_Lab-Equipment_2016-07     Analytical and semi-prep HPLC (JASCO LC-4000);             Flash purification system (Büchi X50)
Contact: David Straßburger

Besenius_Lab-Equipment_2016-07                 CD spectrometer (JASCO J-815), stopped flow system (BioLogic SFM-3000) and automatic
titrator (JASCO ATS-429); Contact: Ronja Otter

Besenius_Lab-Equipment_2016-07             Freeze dryer (Christ); Contact: Vanessa Lewe                        Dish washer (Miele)


Further information about the core facilities of the Institute and Department can be found here.