Welcome to the Group Page of the Besenius Research Lab


The research in the Besenius lab focuses on the synthesis of organic and supramolecular functional systems. We design molecular building blocks that self-assemble into programmable polymers and materials in water. Utilising natural and non-natural supramolecular interactions we investigate multifunctional systems for applications in immunotherapy, as stimuli-responsive hydrogels and biomedical carriers, as well as optoelectronic materials.


We are part of the
Institute of Organic Chemistry
Graduate School of Excellence "MAterials science IN mainZ" (MAINZ)
Max Planck Graduate Center (MPGC) Mainz
Center for INnovative and Emerging MAterials (CINEMA)
CRC 1066 "Nanodimensional Polymer Therapeutics for Tumor Therapy"
Center for Translational Nanomedicine (CTN)