Complex (Supra)Molecular Systems – SoSe 2022


The lecture is a joint class between Prof. Pol Besenius and Prof. Andreas Walther. It is part of the focus 'Macromolecular Chemistry' in the MSc Chemistry and is offered as an elective module in the MSc Biomedical Chemistry. It provides an in-depth insight into the structure, dynamics and characterization of supramolecular structures based on (bio)organic components and (bio)macromolecules . The goal is to cover recognition motifs, weak non-covalent interactions, and principles of self-assembly and self-organization in natural and synthetic systems. Biological and chemical reaction networks and their dynamics are discussed, as well as the difference between equilibrium and nonequilibrium systems. The fundamentals of DNA Nanoscience, Systems Chemistry and concepts for Adaptive and Interactive Material Systems will be finally presented and discussed.

Registration is in JOGU-StINe (main registration period ends at 13:00 on 6/4/2022). The lecture will be held on Tuesdays from 10:00-12:00 in the seminar room 00.210 PC1 (starting April 19). Lecture materials will be made available via the Moodle LMS.

The tentative lecture contents are as follows:

  1. Introduction (PB)
  2. Binding forces (PB)
  3. Supramolecular polymerization (PB)
  4. Host/guest systems and molecular machines (PB)
  5. Dynamic combinatorial chemistry (PB)
  6. Peptide and protein nanotechnology (PB)
  7. DNA nanoscience structure (AW)
  8. Systems chemistry, networks & systems, nonequilibrium states, molecular motors (AW)
  9. Chemical reaction networks (redox and pH) (AW)
  10. Biochemical reaction networks and DNA reaction networks (AW)
  11. Dynamic DNA nanoscience (AW)
  12. Adaptive and Interactive Materials (AW)


From July 3-5, SupraChem 2022 will take place in Mainz. This international conference features top-notch speakers and covers the latest developments on the contents of our lecture on Complex (Supra)Molecular Systems. Participation is free of charge and therefore highly recommended.