Group Meetings

Weekly seminars take place in the seminar room SR 216 - PC2.
Guests are welcome!

Group meetings schedule:

24/03/20 (10:00)ResearchSchweitzer, Zengerling
30/03/20 (10:00)Seminars on characterisation and analytical toolsSchweitzer (Diffusion ordered spectroscopy), Thomas (CD spectroscopy)
06/04/20 (8:00)Journal Club and ResearchVolkert (DAAD internship @UMass Amherst, USA)
15/04/20 (8:00)ResearchMentgen (internship @DTU Copenhagen), Lantzberg (internship)
21/04/20 (10:00)ResearchErlenbusch (DAAD internship @UMass Amherst, USA), Hauck (DAAD internship @UMass Amherst, USA)
28/04/20 (10:00)ResearchKaiser (DAAD internship @UMass Amherst, USA)
29/04/20 (15:00)Joint research seminar with the MatsonLab (Virginia Tech)Berac, Zengerling
05/05/20 (10:00)Journal Club
12/05/20 (10:00)ResearchKölsch (Ionomers)
23/05/20 (10:00)ResearchSchuller (Erasmus internship @DTU Copenhagen), Becker (SPI/NA internship @Weizmann Institut Israel), Journal Club (Preiss, Thomas & Hutter)
30/05/20 (10:00)ResearchCanal-Martin, Merfels & Winter
06/06/20 (10:00)Journal Club
13/06/20 (10:00)ResearchUrschbach & Fetzer, Kölsch & Zimmer
23/06/20 (09:00)ResearchBerac & Binder, Zengerling
30/06/20 (09:00)ResearchStach, Mackiol
07/07/20 (09:00)Journal Club
14/07/20 (09:00)ResearchHutter, Schweitzer